Solensia for Cats Truly Unleash Empowering Felicity

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Can Solensia for Cats Truly Unleash Empowering Felicity?

Solensia, a groundbreaking innovation, emerges as the premier FDA-approved solution to alleviate the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis in feline companions. Approved by the FDA in January 2022, this revolutionary treatment entails a monthly injection administered by your trusted veterinarian.

Solensia for cats

Solensia for cats Mechanism of Action

The cornerstone of Solensia for cats lies in its active ingredient, Frunevetmab. Classified as a monoclonal antibody, Frunevetmab is a synthesized protein tailored to target specific bodily elements. Remarkably, it is the first FDA-approved monoclonal antibody designed exclusively for veterinary use in cats.

In cats grappling with osteoarthritis, joint cartilage degradation triggers bone friction and ensuing pain. Frunevetmab enters the equation by binding to a pain-triggering protein messenger called nerve growth factor (NGF), effectively impeding its capacity to transmit pain signals to the brain and improve the nerve growth factor. This translates to profound pain relief for our feline companions.

Solensia Administration and Usage Guidelines

Solensia for cats is accessible exclusively through veterinary prescription due to the requisite professional expertise for accurate diagnosis and safe administration. The treatment is an under-the-skin injection given monthly, with dosage determined based on your administered to cats weight.

In instances where you miss a dose, it is advisable to promptly communicate with your veterinarian. Typically, we establish a schedule in which we assess your cat’s response to Solensia every four weeks.

Solensia for cats

Solensia Potential Side Effects

Solensia for cats may lead to various side effects including vomiting, signs of pain, diarrhea, pain at the injection site, scabs on the head and neck, and itchy skin. Notably, you should avoid it in cats with hypersensitivity, as well as in breeding, pregnant, or lactating cats due to the potential for placental barrier crossing and milk excretion.

Human Considerations

Recognize that Solensia is not intended for human use, and accidental injection can result in harm. Urgently advise pregnant, breastfeeding, or conceiving women to avoid accidental self-injection.

Seek Veterinary Guidance

In the event of severe side effects, lack of treatment improvement, suspected overdose, or additional questions, promptly reach out to your veterinarian. Contact professional veterinary care or poison control centers in cases of a potential overdose that could lead to gastrointestinal or skin issues.

Safe Storage

Refrigerate Solensia between 35-46°F, protecting it from freezing and light. As for cost, it varies based on factors such as location and required dosage. Solensia exclusively treats osteoarthritis pain in cats, with all information presented sourced from credible public or manufacturer sources. Note that this article serves solely informative purposes, and we did not receive any compensation from the medication’s manufacturer for creating it for geriatric cats.

In embracing Solensia we embark on a journey of compassion, quality of life, offering our cherished feline companions a life enriched with comfort and relief.

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Solensia for cats


What exactly does Solensia do for cats?

Solensia is a special medicine designed for our feline friends. It contains something called frunevetmab, which helps cats who are dealing with pain from osteoarthritis. This can make them feel better and more comfortable. If you want to know all the details, you can find them in the package instructions.

Is Solensia safe for cats?

It is not for kittens under 12 months old. Those weighing less than 2.5 kg due to insufficient information about their safety. If a cat is sensitive to the material inside Solensia. it is better to avoid using it by using this most of cat owners experienced difficulty.

How fast does Solensia for cats work?

Some studies tell us that around 77 percent of cat owners notice their cats feeling less pain within three months of using Solensia. Veterinarians usually suggest three shots. sometimes you might see your cat getting better within just one week after the first one.

Can cats get Solensia every three weeks?

If your cat is bigger, they might get between 1 to 2.8 mg of Solensia for each kilogram they weigh. It’s given once a month. If your cat is really big, the vet might use two vials to give them the right dose in one shot.

Does Solensia for cats affect a cat’s kidneys?

Solensia works in a different way than certain other medications. It doesn’t put a lot of work on the liver or kidneys. So, it’s considered safe for them.

Where does the vet inject Solensia for cats?

Giving Solensia is quite simple. It’s given as a shot under the skin, usually on the back of a cat’s neck. You don’t have to do it yourself the vet takes care of it. This is way easier than giving medicine every day.

Can Solensia for cats cause to vomiting and injection site?

Cats who are sensitive to frunevetmab shouldn’t get Solensia. Sometimes, after getting the shot, a cat might feel sick and throw up for reducing pain do warm rub. They might also feel some pain where they got the shot.

How long does Solensia stay in a cat’s body?

In cats with osteoarthritis, frunevetmab stays in their body for around 10 to 12 days. It’s like the medicine’s journey in their body. After they get the shot, the most they have of it is around 3 to 7 days later.

Could Solensia Make a Cat Feel Worse?

Solensia injection site pain for cats Side Effects

Some cats, about 10%, who got the Solensia injection had reactions including  anaphylaxis, skin itching, hair loss, and dermatitis these are the common side effects. In a few cases cats received these reactions were bad enough that the treatment had to be stopped. Besides that, harmful effects seem to be uncommon.

Can Solensia be used together with steroids?

It can’t be used at the same time as NSAIDs and steroids. However, it can be used alone or along with other medications and therapies to manage osteoarthritis. There’s also some new evidence that it might help with chronic cystitis in cats.

How does Solensia for cats works?

Solensia for cats Anti-Inflammatory Action

Solensia targets something called nerve growth factor (NGF), which is more in arthritic joints. By reducing NGF, there’s less of it to attach to certain receptors, which means less release of things that cause inflammation and less NGF, leading to less nerve-related inflammation.

Is there a different name for Solensia?

Yes, it’s also called Frunevetmab. It’s used to treat pain from osteoarthritis in cats and is the first monoclonal antibody medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for any type of animal.

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