10 Surprising Signs of Pregnancy You Never Knew

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 10 Surprising Signs of Pregnancy You Never Knew

symptoms such as increased discharge and changes in taste may be experienced are the signs of pregnancy. Additionally, you can have some unpleasant sensations. Everyone is aware of the typical pregnancy symptoms. You didn’t get your period. You have delicate breasts. You are nauseous in the morning. And you’re always exhausted.

10 early signs of pregnancy

Beyond these initial signals, however, pregnant women also experience a wide range of symptoms, such as mucus discharge, a metallic aftertaste, and headaches.

Here are 10 peculiar early signs of pregnancy that nobody warns you about.

1. Early pregnancy discharge

Although it’s a frequent occurrence, vaginal discharge isn’t usually related to signs of  pregnancy. Contrarily, most pregnant women have a rise in leakage throughout the first trimester and throughout the pregnancy. Typically, it is mucus that is sticky, white or pale yellow.

10 early signs of pregnancy discharge

Due to hormones and increased vaginal blood flow, discharge increases during pregnancy. As the walls of your vagina and cervix relax, it might aid in preventing infections.
If the discharge begins to:

  1. smell, you might need to consult a doctor.
  2. burn
  3. itch
  4. change from yellow-green
  5. becomes very watery or thick

These could indicate an infection. Infections may harm the uterus and trigger early labor if left untreated.
The risk of many ailments, including yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, may increase during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

2. Elevated basal body temperature

Elevated basal body temperature

The first few minutes after waking up the morning after ovulation, your body temperature is slightly higher. The situation remains the same till your next period.
However, if this temperature, often referred to as basal body temperature, remains high for longer than two weeks Trusted Source, it might be a sign of pregnancy impending .

3. Headaches, cramping, and increased urination

Headaches during pregnancy might be brought on by hormonal and blood volume changes.
On either side of the lower abdomen, some pregnant women also have cramps similar to those after periods. Additionally, a lot of pregnant women need to use the restroom more frequently. This is due to the strain that the expansion of your uterus is putting on your bladder. Find out more about pregnant incontinence.

4. Lightheadedness the signs of pregnancy 

In the first trimester, pregnant women frequently experience lightheadedness or vertigo. Blood arteries widen and blood pressure drops during pregnancy. When you quickly shift positions, such as standing up after lying down, blood vessel dilatation might make you feel dizzy.

Lightheadedness the signs of pregnancy 

Pay special attention to your signs of pregnancy, though. An ectopic pregnancy may be detected if there is severe stomach discomfort, vaginal bleeding, and extreme dizziness. The fertilized egg implants outside the uterus during an ectopic pregnancy, preventing the development of the embryo to term. Ectopic pregnancy can become fatal for the expectant mother and needs to be treated right away.

5. Constipation

You can experience bloating and the urge to poop or pass gas but are unable to. This is because hormonal changes associated with pregnancy may cause constipation. Furthermore, while your uterus grows during pregnancy, your intestines typically move as well, which might affect your regularity.


Iron is a common ingredient in prenatal vitamins, and it may cause constipation.
During pregnancy, your digestive system slows down. This allows nutrients to absorb into your bloodstream and reach your child with adequate extra time. You might go more often if you take certain actions.

These may consist of:

  1. consume more fiber
  2. consuming extra liquids
  3. exercise on a regular basis

If necessary, you can also speak to a doctor about taking a stool softener safe for use during pregnancy.

6. Spotting

About one in three Trusted Source pregnancies start out with spotting or light bleeding. When the fertilized egg adheres to the uterine lining, there may be some little bleeding. The term “implantation bleeding” refers to this. it’s typical.

Other problems, such as the following,

  1. can also result in bleeding
  2. cervical rubbing
  3. ectopic conception
  4. a possible miscarriage

If your light bleeding intensifies or is accompanied by severe cramps, back discomfort, or stabbing pains, make sure to get immediate medical attention.

7. Reduced immunity to illness

Reduced immunity to illness

Your immune declines throughout pregnancy, making you more vulnerable to infection. Early on in pregnancy, it’s usual to have symptoms similar to the flu or the common cold.

Pregnancy-safe therapy alternatives can be suggested by a doctor. People who are pregnant are more susceptible to serious illnesses and flu-related problems. Your infant may experience severe health issues as a result of this.

8. Heartburn

The valve between your stomach and esophagus may change while you are pregnant due to hormonal changes. This area relaxes during pregnancy, which can cause heartburn by enabling stomach acid to pass into the esophagus.
Smaller, more frequent meals and avoiding particular foods may be beneficial.

These may consist of:

  1. fried food
  2. spices in food
  3. sparkling beverages
  4. citrus juices and fruit

9. Mood swings and libido changes

Mood swings and libido changes

Your emotions may change as a result of hormone changes. You can experience unusually intense feelings and cry. Mood fluctuations may also happen to you. These alterations are frequent in the first trimester of pregnancy.

10. Changes in taste

For many pregnant people, alterations in taste might result from higher levels of estrogen and progesterone this is also the signs of pregnancy. Certain pregnant women may experience dysgeusia, which results in altered taste perceptions.

  1. This may affect how food tastes:
  2. metallic
  3. bitter
  4. less sweets

Dysgeusia cannot be cured, however it may be possible to lessen the flavor.

Some suggestions are:
chewing gum without sugar adding spices and flavors to food enhancing food with sweetness or sourness to mask the flavor of metal.

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symptoms to heart attack



What are the hidden signs of early pregnancy?

Here are 10 peculiar signs of pregnancy that nobody warns you about.

  1. early termination of pregnancy.
  2. an increased baseline body temperature.
  3. cramps, headaches, and more frequent urination.
  4. Lightheadedness.
  5. Constipation.
  6. Spotting.
  7. decreased resistance against disease.
  8. Heartburn.

Without a test, how can you know whether a female is pregnant?

  1. The most prevalent early indicators of pregnancy could be:
    Period missed. If your period hasn’t started after a week or longer and you’re in your reproductive years, you could be expecting.
  2. supple, enlarged breasts.
  3. sickness either with or without vomiting.
  4. a rise in urination.
  5. Fatigue. 

How do I know I’m pregnant?

About two weeks following conception, the first indicator of pregnancy is typically the absence of a period. If your periods are irregular, you might not realize you’ve missed one because this isn’t always accurate. As the egg embeds, some women experience a little bleeding. Tender breasts are another common complaint among women.

What color is pregnancy discharge?

Normal pregnant discharge is clear or white, typically a little sticky, and should not smell. During pregnancy, it’s acceptable if your discharge appears a little yellow on your underwear or pantyliner.

What color is pregnancy vomit?

Your vomit turns yellow or greenish-yellow after you take it. If you’ve just drank water, it can also be clear, foamy, or phlegmy. Vomiting can be a common sign of morning sickness or acid reflux during pregnancy.

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